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How it works currently
JoyToken will get developer games licensed and compliant
JoyToken offers a 4 step solution for developers
Operator A
Joy Gaming Ltd
Operator B
Developing games in the gambling industry can be a difficult and lengthy process; especially when confronted by a low revenue share, regulatory requirments and integrating your games in the big game providers backend. The larger game developers have their own in-house game development teams and tend to use only a handful of independent game developers, leaving the smaller independent developer with limited access to this ever-growing market. Likewise the end users (game players) miss out on potentially exciting new games and must trust online casino operators who offer little transparency to their players.
Additionally, the current business model of traditional developers isn’t reaching all potential players; particularly millennials who want more from their gaming experience; including financial anonymity, trust and transparency.
JoyToken is here to address all these.
Our vision
Smarter Games for Smarter Players
JoyToken is committed to deliver smarter games to existing and new casino players by giving innovative and creative games developers easy access to operators in our one stop solution. JoyToken delivers this in four easy steps:
  1. Game integration and hosting is simple with our own tried and tested game development system.
  2. Payments go straight to developers' bank accounts in the form of JoyTokens.
  3. All relevant regulatory and compliance requirements will be taken care by us.
  4. Instant access to market via our own online casino site; PlayCosmo Casino which is licensed in the UK, Malta and Curacao and allows developers to test their games before general release to other operator’s casino websites.
All this is done using JoyToken, a new and unique Cryptocurrency that will enable developers to pay and be paid for their games, while also enabling end users (players) to play Joy Gaming games on PlayCosmo and ultimately many other sites. And naturally JoyToken will benefit from Blockchain technology and thus transparency. This last point is the most exciting as this has not been done before and will open up a new market of potential players, who want Trust, Anonymity and total Transparency; all of which is delivered through Blockchain Technology.
JoyToken will get developer games licensed and compliant
JoyToken offers developers a tried and tested platform for their games
Operator A
Operator B
Certification Lab
Smart Contracts
JoyToken uses decentralised Autonomous Agents (Smart Contracts) to safely guarantee, record and audit.
function Game(string _name, address _owner, address _registryAddress, address _tokenAddress, uint256 _payoutRate) {
name = _name;
owner = _owner;
registryAddress = _registryAddress;
registry = GameRegistry(registryAddress);
tokenAddress = _tokenAddress;
token = ERC20(tokenAddress);
payoutRate = _payoutRate;
isActive = true;
decimals = registry.decimals();

function activate() public onlyOwner {
isActive = true;

function deactivate() public onlyOwner {
isActive = false;

function ownerDeposit(uint256 amount) public onlyOwner {
require(amount > 0);
require(token.transferFrom(owner, this, amount));

function ownerWithdraw(uint256 amount) public onlyOwner {
require(amount > 0 && amount <= ownerAvailableDeposit);
require(token.transfer(owner, amount));

function playerJoin(uint256 initialDeposit) public whenActive {
uint256 potentialPayout = getPayout(initialDeposit);
require(potentialPayout.sub(initialDeposit) <= ownerAvailableDeposit);
ownerAvailableDeposit = ownerAvailableDeposit.sub(potentialPayout.sub(initialDeposit));
playerInGame[msg.sender] = true;

if (initialDeposit > 0) {
playerCurrentGameDeposits[msg.sender] = initialDeposit;
require(token.transferFrom(msg.sender, this, initialDeposit));

function announceResult(address player, uint result) public onlyController {
require(result <= uint(GameResult.draw));
playerInGame[player] = false;
GameResult gameResult = GameResult(result);
if (gameResult == {
} else if (gameResult == GameResult.loss) {
} else {
GameResultAnnounced(player, result);

function resolvePlayerWin(address player) private returns (bool success) {

uint256 payout = getPayout(playerCurrentGameDeposits[player]);
playerCurrentGameDeposits[player] = 0;
if (payout > 0)
playerDeposits[player] = playerDeposits[player].add(payout);
return true;

function resolvePlayerLoss(address player) private returns (bool success) {
uint256 playerDeposit = playerCurrentGameDeposits[player];
playerCurrentGameDeposits[player] = 0;
uint256 payout = getPayout(playerDeposit);
uint256 platformShare = playerDeposit.mul(registry.platformShare()).div(10**registry.decimals());
require(platformShare < playerDeposit);
if (platformShare > 0)
platformDeposit = platformDeposit.add(platformShare);
uint256 profit = playerDeposit.sub(platformShare);
ownerAvailableDeposit = ownerAvailableDeposit.add(payout.sub(playerDeposit)).add(profit);
return true;

function resolveDraw(address player) private returns (bool success) {
uint256 playerDeposit = playerCurrentGameDeposits[player];
playerCurrentGameDeposits[player] = 0;
uint256 payout = getPayout(playerDeposit);
if (playerDeposit > 0)
playerDeposits[player] = playerDeposits[player].add(playerDeposit);
ownerAvailableDeposit = ownerAvailableDeposit.add(payout.sub(playerDeposit));
return true;

function playerWithdraw(uint256 amount) public {
require(amount > 0 && amount <= playerDeposits[msg.sender]);
playerDeposits[msg.sender] = playerDeposits[msg.sender].sub(amount);
require(token.transfer(msg.sender, amount));

function platformWithdraw(uint256 amount) public {
require(msg.sender == registry.owner());
require(amount > 0 && amount <= platformDeposit);
platformDeposit = platformDeposit.sub(amount);
require(token.transfer(msg.sender, amount));

function getPayout(uint256 deposit) private constant returns (uint256 payout) {
return deposit.mul(payoutRate).div(10**decimals);
PlayCosmo Casino
PlayCosmo is our own online casino that’s licensed in the UK, Malta and Curacao.
It offers a wide range of games including the tried and tested that players love to play.
Smart Games
Plus our independent developer games will be instantly included on the site.
This allows developers to test their games before a general release to other operator’s casino websites.
No Compliance Issues
Joy Gaming will handle all the Compliance, Legal and Licensing requirements of the games they develop in all relevant markets.
Blockchain Integration
Through Joy Gaming’s existing Blockchain integration backend, Developers only need to worry about game development as Joy Gaming will do the rest.
Market Access
Joy Gaming will handle the marketing of the developer’s games and provide access to other operator’s sites through existing and new contacts.
Transparency and Rewards
Games and earnings can be instantly checked via the Smart Contracts and any money earned is instantly paid to the Developers in JoyTokens.
Enable game developers and players to participate in the backing of bets sharing capital and risk with casino reward.
Game Developers
Provide a platform for small software houses and innovative developers to flourish. Enabling a route to market.
Enable decentralised contracts to provide the security of trust over the size and reputation of casino.
Wondering why it’s worth participating in JoyToken?
Best Token Practices
JoyTokens token sales follows the best practices this includes strict KYC/AML Standards in accordance with Belize Laws, multi sig wallet of which 2 keys are held by independent corporate services and legal firm, foundation that issues out token funds in timed periods, founder tokens are vested over a 2 year period.
Unique Proposition & Size of Market
The global online gambling market is around 50 billion dollars and our decentralized ecosystem of developers, players, operators and regulators will lead this market for years to come.
Operational platform
Starting in January 2018, JoyTokens can be utilized for gaming purposes.
OP - Operations silos | OUT - Outreach silos | TECH - Technology silos
June 2017
OP: 500,000 Seed Funding
October 2017
OP: Onboard advisors from industry and blockchain
November 2017
OP: Joy Gaming Foundation Established
OUT: Speaking At BlockChain Expo
December 2017
TECH: Demo Slot Machine using Smart Contracts
OP: Application for Gambling Developer License
TECH: Launch of Joy Gaming Platform for Developers
TECH: Code Audit
March 2018
OP: Token Sale
April 2018
OP: Token Sale Audit
June 2018
TECH: Games live on Playcosmo
August 2018
TECH: Expansion into Fixed Odds Table Games
OP: Integration to More Platforms & Direct Operators
Our Team
Andrew MacDonald

20 years of experience in Retail and Online gaming working for major blue-chip companies. Successfully applying marketing retention techniques focussing on the individual player as well as ensuring quality game offerings to promote business growth. A keen troubleshooter with a strong data focus.

Mike Leys

Over 34 years of professional experience, including 30 years in marketing sector. Senior Manager and senior marketing specialist with knowledge and proofed involvement in all areas of on and offline marketing and ecommerce across the world. His sector experience includes iGaming, entertainment, mobile, retail, financial services. Since 2005 in the iGaming sector - successfully launching a number of online gaming sites with a focus on attracting quality players.

Steve Giordano Imbroll

Full 10 years of Software Development experience, 7 years of Business Intelligence, Banking and Finances. High skilled product developer for, a.o., Sony, Uber & PKR Technologies. Professional juggler of multiple requests from various departments. Visioner on the intricacies of the company’s performance. Recently fascinated with Gaming and Securities.

Compliance Specialist
Nathen Lockett

Recently graduated from a Red Brick British University (Laicester) with a strong Law qualification. CRM Consultant and Compliance Specialist. Passionate about online gaming and a first-class mind. Have a fresh perspective for the ever-changing gaming environment.

Marketing Partner Specialist
Adam Spargo

Over 7 years of marketing experience in the online gaming industry, with a focus on new player acquisition and a proven track record of developing new business. Heavily involved in the day to day management, Marketing, CRM, Brand, Social Media, Events Management and Sponsorship and the VIP Programme.

Site Leader / Backend Developer
Grzegorz Dymek

13 years of experience in IT sector. 11 years in gambling projects. Likes to build projects from scratch. Currently working on 3rd casino system. Game designer, mathematician, system architect and developer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Supported wallets for the Token Sale include MyEtherWallet, Mist-Ethereum Wallet, Metamask, Parity, imToken, Ledger, Trezor, and others.

You cannot use an exchange such as Bitstamp and Bittrex which manages your keys.

When is the JoyToken Sale? The Token sale is currently scheduled for:

  • Starting date: 20th March 2018 / 5pm UTC
  • Ending date: 19th April 2018 / 5pm UTC

The Token Sale will run over a 31-day period starting from the 20th of March 2018 until 19th of April 2018. The rounds will continue until the cap of 46,3 mln USD is hit or the final round expires. During the Token Sale JOY can be purchased in exchange for ETH, BTC or Wire Transfer, with minimum 100 USD contribution (or equivalent of 100 USD in BTC or ETH). During the Pre-Sale, the minimum contribution is 30,000 USD.

We will never post the token address to anywhere other than the official Token Sale website. Never send ETH, BTC or wire transfers to any address you haven’t first verified the owner of.

Any attempt to send ETH from an unregistered address, or directly from an exchange during the Token Sale will result in not being able to purchase JOY and your ETH may be permanently lost.

Mateusz Mach

Forbes 30 Under 30. COO of the Opus Foundations - music streaming platform based on Ethereum and IPFS. Advisor to many blockchain based projects running his own Ethereum focused software development company.

Keld Knudsen

More than 30 years’ experience with blue chip and multinational organisations including American Express, Fujitsu Siemens Computers,, Macromedia and Unibet. 8 years’ experience of online gaming, joining Mr Green as CFO during the early start-up phase. With a focus on the big picture, he is passionate about driving strategic and business development through financial information and data intelligence.

Justin Jovanovic

Justin is the Chief Operating Officer of investFeed - the leading cryptocurrency social network – powered by over 105,000+ crypto specific investors and enthusiasts since transitioning into Beta in January 2018. Justin has been a part of several successful ICOs, including investFeed’s, and has a passion for progressive decentralization and blockchain innovation. Previously, Justin had a lengthy career in traditional equities, specifically supervising risk management for several US proprietary trading groups in addition to creating and operating a disruptive software and event ticketing business. In his spare time, Justin is passionate about the arts, travel, and fitness.

Token Structure
1st December 2017 14:00 UTC
19th March 2018 14:00 UTC
Token sale
20th March 2018 17:00 UTC
19th April 2018 17:00 UTC
Token distribution
Sold during Token Sale
Rewards pool
Sold on the platform
Founding team
(3 years vesting period)
Token Sale bounties
Use of proceeds
Legal & Security
This Token Structure is based on a pre-sale of 140,000,000 JOY. This pre-sale amount would be subjected to change due to demand and the token structure would be finalized at the end of the pre-sale. Please look here for any changes.
Role of Token
Enable Access to Joy Gaming Protocol, Purchase of Game Development API, Wagering in Regulated Countries
700,000,000 JOY
1 JOY = 0.20 USD
Maximum Goal
Hard cap: 46,340,000 USD
Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
Accepted Currencies
ETH , BTC and Wire Transfer
Token Distribution Date
19th April 2018
Emission Rate
No new tokens will be created
Discount Rates
Price $0.10


140,000,000 JOY

20th Mar
Price $0.14


105,000,000 JOY

26th Mar
Price $0.15


21,000,000 JOY

1st Apr
Price $0.16


21,000,000 JOY

7th Apr
Price $0.17


21,000,000 JOY

13th Apr
Price $0.18


42,000,000 JOY

Unsold tokens from previous rounds will be moved into the next round. The token sale will automatically go to the next round when tokens are sold out in the prior round.